New Contributors to Name Those Faces

A number of pictures added recently of Baseball and school were submitted by Ron Shupe. Thanks for the pics and we look forward to read your comments about these photos.

I will now, also be posting pictures that have been supplied by Bob Quinn. Bob has come across quite a few old photos, and he needs help to identify the poeple in those photos. He has obviously heard how good QCC readers are at placing faces.


Queens County's own local historian and star of the latest episode of Ancestors in the Attic, Tim MacDonald, has recently come by some old photographs. These photos were in a collection belonging to Armand Wigglesworth. Tim now has the task of cataloguing these photos, and as you can imagine, with very little information he is trying to piece together the puzzle.

What he does know is that all the photos were taken in Queens County and all those pictured are or were locals to Queens County. He also knows that all pictures were taken between 1959 and 1962.

So armed with this information and an insatiable curiosity, CAN YOU NAME THOSE FACES?

Please click on the comments tab below the post of the picture and tell us what you know about that picture, no matter what it is. Based on all your comments, others may be able to provide a name. I will be trying to improve on the upload quality of the pics very shortly, but wated to get this new feature started. I realize that these faces are hard tp see, but you may have a copy of this photo, or were in this photo and therefore may be able to give some of the names of theothers. It would also be interesting to hear any stories about the picture thatt you may have to share.

New pictures will be posted often and the picture on Queens County Community will also change to let you know there are new pictures to check out.

Have fun and enjoy!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Liverpool Larrupers 1954


  1. How curious that this picture comes up...we are looking for information on Raymond Roger Harlow who lived in Liverpool at that time. He was bat boy for the Liverpool Larrupers around 1953/1954. He has 4 children and they would like to know this story. If anyone can give us information about this, we would be so pleased. Thank you very much..... we hope to hear from someone about this. My email address is and my name is Diana Beatty. I am asking on behalf of the Harlow family.

  2. 1st row of players, second from left, Ralph Cecere - Everett, Massachusetts